Earthenware Darcy #6:
Silver Dapple

Earthenware Darcy #5:
Light Dappled Palomino

Earthenware Darcy #4:
Clay Body Custom glazed by Karen Gerhardt




Considering she was my first self-produced piece in resin, I thought it appropriate to start my endeavor into ceramics with Darcy. She provided a perfect subject for learning on with her simple, smooth curves. I am pleased to say that the transition from resin to ceramics went well!

I've decided on a limited edition of 25 earthenware pieces for this 1:9 scale version of Darcy. With possibly a few bisque exceptions going to fellow glaze artists, these 25 will be glazed/china painted in one of a kind colors by myself and sold as they are completed. Announcements of these pieces will be sent through my FB page and mailing list first before using public venues such as MH$P.

The first 10 or so of the edition will be artist choice pieces only until I gain my stride with glazing/china painting. After that, I may decide to take on a few custom glaze orders. I will however be very open to accepting suggestions as to what colors you'd like to see more of.

Earthenware Darcy #3:
Matte Toasty Chestnut

Earthenware Darcy #2:
Glossy Bright Red Chestnut

Earthenware Darcy #1:
Glossy Mahogany Bay

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