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Below are available sales pieces (if any). I usually have an unpainted resin edition available, though painted pieces are much harder to come by. I'll be adding bisque and glazed ceramics as I get them in stock here too.


Kylee Park's of Studio Thornrose brand new adorable "Tadpole" resin. Our fuzzy chap is looking quite handsome in a dapply silver bay coat hand-painted in high quality oils with details/enhancements in oil pencil, acrylic, and dry pigment. His color is vibrant and soft, full of life, and sure to catch the judge's eye in the ring. There is a lot of individual hair detail on those silver legs as well. Your eye will be pleased to move its way along every inch of this adorable little resin! Just click the image above for the full gallery of photos. He comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (#13), lots of fun stickers, and a silk Snuggie Sack.

Starting offer is $750.00. I will be taking offers through Friday, December 15th, 9:00 PM MST. This is a max offer system (as in the current high offer will not go up in increments). What you bid will be the new winning amount until outbid. Bidding more than once is acceptable. Time payments are welcome with a deposit of at least $150. I prefer to keep things within six months, but depending on the final bid am amiable to longer terms. Shipping will be exact quotes and will be through FedEx in the continental US and USPS Priority Mail to outlying islands and international (you are welcome to upgrade to FedEx, though it can get costly for int'l). Please make sure you've read my policies before bidding. Winning bidder will be sent an invoice via Paypal requesting payment.

To bid, send me an email with the subject of "Tadpole Sale" and make sure your name, bid amount, and your offered terms if needing time payments.


Rajah AC#3 is available for straight out purchase. Time payments up to six months are welcome.




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