David has been around in resin form for quite some time now. I believe he was a one mold run and has been long sold out. He still remains a popular piece. In particular, he's been one of my favorite pieces to work on; and I immediately knew I had to be able to work on him in china. David's talented sculpturess Deborah McDermott will tell you I've been bugging her for years to produce him. During one of these pesterings, I ended up strucking a deal with Deb for the rights to produce him in porcelain. She still retains the rights to produce in earthenware in the
future should she choose to, but I do believe these porcelain pieces will be special!

I've been granted permission to make alterations on him before molding. We both agreed we'd like more toe on
him. The tail's position was the only other alteration. Because we all love David for who he is, I really did not want to alter him any further than that. His base for the china version will be a smooth porcelain oval slightly larger than the resin counterpart's.

With the exception of a couple pre-sales and Deb's artist copy, these will be sold in hand as they are completed via auction/offers. These copies will all be custom-glazed by me, though there will be room for the occassional guest artist. Bisques will not be sold.

Ahlerich Portrait

Flaxen Liver Chestnut

Glossy Black




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