(Sculpted by Kylee Parks, Produced in Fine Porcelain by ALS)

Khairunissa, sculpted by Kylee Parks, is a lovely example of an Arab mare. I love the delicacy and femininity of this piece as well as the vitality of it. She also looked like she would be a good fit for the porcelain medium. So, I approached Kylee for the rights and we began our experimentation!

As you can see, she turned out very well in porcelain, which is a new medium for me and one I plan to continue in. It's a soft color, very similar to earthenware, but with that inner translucent glow porcelain is noted for. Like the resin version, this china version will be a special addition to any collection.

Production is just getting started, but I will be selling this gals custom glazed as they are complete. Meantime, enjoy the beauty of a glossed bisque.




AP #1:
Glossy Light Dapple Rose Gray

AP #2:
Purple Art Glaze

AP #3:
Glossy Golden Liver Chestnut



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