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(Fine Bone China produced by Animal Artistry)

Sencillo is a depection of a mustang doing what they do best...lounging on the range. I wanted something different from the typical mustang poses of rearing, bucking, and other extreme movements. Sencillo is an older stallion, confident in who he is and his position in life. He's very comfortable standing relaxed, braced a bit against the wind rolling through the plains. This old guy has seen it all and is quite content to live the rest of his mature life in peace.

Previously released several years ago in resin through DaBar, he sold out quickly and has been in high demand ever since. I thought it was high time to give collectors another chance at this piece through a different market! Animal Artistry is handling production of the bone china bisques for me as well as the dapple gray "Original Finish" glazed run, which is limited to 10 pieces - five in gloss finish and five in satin finish. I do reserve the right to add/take away OF color ways. He will otherwise be sold custom glazed as pieces are completed by myself and select guest artists.

In that these are all meticulously and indivudually produced by hand, please keep in mind that there can be extensive wait times involved. *The bay overo and buckskin OF runs have been canceled. Emails have been sent to those that were signed up for these pieces. If you have not received said email, please contact me directly.

PRICING: Each OF horse is $1,000 plus shipping. Shipping will be actual shipping costs plus material (foam and box) and will be billed when the piece is ready to ship.

PAYMENT INFO: Payment in full is always an option, but the FBC horses have the added flexibility of a six payment installment plan.A deposit of $175 will be due to hold your horse, and five following payments of $165 will be due on either the 1st or the 15th of each month (your choice). If you use Paypal, I will be sending out payment requests on your chosen day to help us both remember! BE SURE YOU READ THE TIME PAYMENT CHAPTER OF MY POLICIES! You can find a link to these on the left. I do accept credit cards through Paypal so you can full pay using your credit card and make payments to your cc provider as you are able and for probably less than my payment/mo amount.

OF Dappled Gray


AC #1:
Glossy Dark Grulla

AC #2:
Glossy Red Liver Chesnut

AC #3:
Glossy Bay Silver

AC #4:
Glossy Varnish Appaloosa

AC #5:
Glossy Bay Overo

AC #6:
Glossy Dappled Buckskin

AC #7:

AC #8:




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