(produced by Aspen Leaf Studios)

Covergirl is a smallish traditional scale Five-gaited American Saddlebred mare. I wanted a different position than the raised-knee ASB pieces out there, so I went for the phase of full extention in the trot. I wanted to capture the grace and float of the gait coupled with the power of these magnificent horses behind it. She is meant to depict a show horse turning it on in the ring and as such has been decked out with the roached forelock, mane ribbon, tail brace, front pads/wedges and shoes, and rear shoes you would see on these horses in this division.

She comes with a large removable base that she is attached to via a trapezoid peg under the dirt swoosh connected
to her two left legs. It's wider on one end so you can only put her on the base one way. The base has a
nameplate on the "open" side of the horse. There is also a "lip" of dirt that the back right hoof sits under. She's quite secure with the flexibility of removing for transport and storage.

The resin edition is limited to 30 unpainted pieces and 20 pieces painted by me. Each piece will be numbered
and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The goal is to create a wonderful collector's piece: treasured by those that have her, coveted by those that don't. The 30 unpainted pieces were available during a 1 week lottery April 1-7, 2017 for $495 ea. and are now sold out. Remaining painted resins will be sold via offers as completed.

As this is a small run, I plan on keeping an archive of the entire edition here on this site. Please send quality photos to me of your painted versions along with the name of the artist. I'll upload them so we can all admire your copy of Covergirl! I can't wait to see this archive grow!

(20 Artist Pieces)
(Edition No. 1-15)
(Edition No. 16-30)


JS #1:
Standard Chestnut

JS #2:
Palomino Tobiano

JS #3:
Classic Champagne

JS #4:
Dappled Buckskin
w/ Mane Frosting

JS #5:
Black Homozygous Tobiano

JS #6:
Dappled Mahogany Bay

JS #7:
Dark Golden Liver Chesntut

JS #8:
Dark Caramel (or Chocolate) Palomino

JS #9:

JS #10:
Bright Bay

JS #11:
Dappled Rose Gray

JS #12:
Blk Chestnut Extensive Sabino


JS #13:
Bay Frame Overo

JS #14:
Dappled Dark Golden Buckskin

JS #15:
Blonde Chestnut

JS #16:

JS #17:

JS #18:
Buttermilk Buckskin

JS #19:
Black Flaxen Chestnut

JS #20:
Dappled Sooty Palomino





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