(produced by Jolt Studios & Aspen Leaf Studios)

Elton is a smallish traditional or 1:9 scale (think Breyer Giselle) miniature British Shetland pony stallion. Depicted in a jaunty trot, he's the fat, fuzzy, prancy pony with a pout we all think of. You can just see the ideas for mischief churning around in his little head. ;) He's in semi-fluffy stage and has a lovely texture that is still smooth enough to not cause problems during painting. It will probably add a few minutes of prep time though as you won't be able to just swipe with sand paper or you'll have a line of obviously smooth in that fur. Swiping motions with a carbide scraper seem to work best.

Elton will be solid cast and will be permanently attached to a small ovular base for a more minimized footprint, and he'll also come with a larger, more artistic display-type base in my usual style. These two bases are designed to fit together - with the ovular base as an inlay into the more plinth type one so you don't have to find extra storage space. The rectangular display base is roughly 3.5" wide by 9" long. On his ovular base, Elton measures roughly 6.5" tall and 8" long at his most extreme points. Click on the image below to be taken to the master resin photo album. Please note the rectangular base's nameplate has not yet been added in these images.

Elton was an open edition resin for a limited time frame that ended February 29, 2020. There were just over 80 pieces sold in the unpainted version. My painted copies will be in addition to those numbers. Those copies will be displayed on this page as completed.




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