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(produced by Aspen Leaf Studios & Mountain View Studios)

Please do not email asking to purchase one outside of the batches.
Thank you all so much for being so interested in him that I have to write something like that! <3

Levi is a smallish traditional scale (just a weeeee bit smaller than ISH though the tack areas appear to be the same) Quarter Horse stallion. When I chose this breed, I knew I wanted to represent a prime example of a doing horse. Don't be fooled by the standing position - this is an athlete that was built to move! I wanted to showcase the body type of the horse that will perform in reining, cutting, western pleasure, hunter under saddle, trail, etc. and stay sound while doing so. His soft expression shows the willing and workmanlike mind the breed is known for.

Whatever your performance preference, there is a hair version to suit your style. Levi will come in three versions: The Denim Edition (ranch type with long mane and loose tail) for the cowboy needing a rough and tough and true work partner, the Dockers Edition (banded mane/banged long tail) for the gentlemen who wants a bit of polish in their mount, and the Threadbare Edition (No hair/bald ready to go for customization and/or hairing) for those horsemen that like to put a little bit of work in to get their ideal horse. 

As each edition will have its own mold, we're looking at around a 300 run at its cap. That means plenty of these will be available. I will be offering up pieces in batches as they are cast. Having gotten the initial giant sale via lottery out of the way, following sales will be smaller batches of first come first serve. This is the largest run I've allowed for ever because of popularity and the desire for multiple casts. However, if sales trickle to an end before the 300 is reached, I will close the edition to preserve smaller run numbers.


LEVI MVS Batch Castings
Update 4/25/2019

All my remaining Dockers only orders will be shipped out Monday, 4/29. Denim is behind, but should start moving with a quickness soon. Meantime, if you ordered a "mix" of these two and would like to have your Dockers shipped out now rather than waiting for the set, please send me an email. There will be an individual shipping charge applied, but I get that some of you would rather pay that so you can have at least one of your pieces now.

Also, with enough Dockers cast to cover the sales orders, I will be opening up a new batch for this version alone shortly. These will be first come first serve via Paypal Buy It Now buttons and will most likely go up this weekend or early next week. Spread the word so folks know to be on watch here for the notification!

I know you all are excited, but please understand that if I have something to update you on, I'll email. If not, it's continued radio silence. If you feel the need to reach out, I'll respond so you know I haven't disappeared; but I'll
have nothing to report. I am unable to give out specific ship dates and am unable to tell you when the next batch sale will be.

4/29/2019: All Dockers from the second MVS batch have been spoken for. Thank you!

Denim Edition

Dockers Edition

Threadbare Edition



Levi Denim AC #1:
Dark Grulla

Levi Denim AC #2:
Light Buckskin

Levi Denim AC #3:
Bay/Red Silver


Levi Dockers AC #1:
Palomino Blanket Appaloosa

Levi Dockers AC #2:
Flaxen Sorel Overo







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