Little Levi
(produced by Aspen Leaf Studios)

Little Levi is the Venti version of his big counterpart with a new mane and tail unique for him. I had a Levi resin digitally scanned and printed much shrunk to make sure the sculpture was completely accurate. I'm thrilled with how he translated!

Now, this little man was created for a large and exciting purpose! He's to be my reference model for my painting technique book I've started work on. I had reached out to Carol Williams to ask about the use of my stock horse Levi for my book. While bestowing her blessing, she highly recommended going with something smaller in scale so as not to kill myself with the incoming workload. This was taken much to heart and Little Levi was brought to life. I needed something small enough to be able to paint hundreds of and yet big enough I could photograph with detail. This curio scale is perfect.  

As his main reason for existance is my book, I'm only selling him painted as I complete them. There will be a limited unpainted amount sold far in the future, after the book and big Levi edition have been taken care of. This gallery will also most likely go through some metamorphasis as I start getting more of these painted and under my belt. Eventually he'll be sorted by color, instead of number of completion. When I do get the book finished, I'll add another button to the left hand column links so he's not hiding here in the resins section and can be easily found for those wanting book references (though there'll be so many embedded color images you probably won't need the website gallery references as well). No matter what happens, this will be a fun place to keep your eye on as things progress and grow!

Little Levi AC #1:
Sunburnt Black Roan

Little Levi AC #2:
Dark Red Chestnut

Little Levi AC #3:




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