Micro Anise
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This is the 2" tall version (including base) of my sporty Thoroughbred resin, Anise. She has been slightly modified to better suit the tiny scale and features a new base along with pegs from the back hooves that have been widened and are now vertical instead of angled. She will be cast in pewter and will be removable from her base.

Photos of 3D rendering:

This means you are placing an order before production has begun. This helps with the large up front costs involved with casting. With the exception of the first 30 orders and those who want to pay in full now, you will only be billed a small deposit until your piece is ready to ship. Usually we can begin shipping these within a month or two of orders being taken. However if you are at the end of a long line of orders, please keep in mind it may be a wait before we can fullfill.

EDITION SIZE/INFO: This pewter edition will be an open order edition from Nov. 15th to Nov. 21st - just like how we did Micro Covergirl's orderingthis summer. I know it's a lot, but please make sure you read through everything prior to hitting any submit button.

PRICING/SHIPPING: Micro Anise is $55 PPD in the US. International shipping will be extra. Unfortunately the two cheapest methods are still expensive. I can add $25 for Int'l first class postage shipped in my own properly-sized box or I can add $39 for flat rate priority mail in a narrow box. Priority mail is faster and includes tracking, but the box will not have much side padding for the piece and you risk damage. A $15 non-refundable deposit per cast will be required up front to reserve your order, and there are no quantity limits! As usual, I am not accepting time payments. If you need payments, I accept credit cards and you can work them out with your bank.
If you are an international customer who purchased a Micro Covergirl and plan on purchasing a Micro Anise, you have the option to wait a little longer and combine the two to save on shipping. Please tell Josie NOW because Micro Covergirls are heading out the door!

PAYMENT: Everyone will be sent a Paypal invoice at time of order for either payment in full or deposits as specified. You do not need a Paypal account to pay the invoice, though you are certainly welcome to use yours if you have it. Credit cards happily accepted. Balance in full will be billed close to your product(s)' shipping time.
IMPORTANT: These invoices are DUE ON RECEIPT. 
And here's my tough but important talk for you, which I hate but is always necessary: Due on receipt means due on receipt. Not a day later. Not a week later. Not go sell your piece(s) so you can try to afford this one. Not go try to sell this horse to make a big profit when you don’t technically own it yet and let the artist hang and deny her her profit that is allowing you to make yours in the first place. Am I getting my point across? I’m not going to have Josie hound people for payment because I shouldn’t and don’t have to. Silence will only get your order canceled sooner. If you have not paid or communicated within 48 hours of invoice receipt, we will cancel your invoice with or without notice. If you are, for example, a day away from payday, then LET US KNOW and I can promise you it’ll be fine. I know I’ve just sounded gangster about payments, but we’re really quite friendly if you just communicate with us. Silence will only get your order canceled. Also, as a courtesy, if you know you aren’t going to be able to pay for the piece at the time your invoice is made, please don’t make me wait 48 hours to cancel the invoice before you tell me as much. 

Some of the ordering particulars are outlined below. These will be left up on the website until the last micro Anise has shipped out in case you forget any of the terms. Please read them before submitting your order. :)

*~*~*THANK YOU*~*~*

Payment in full orders will be billed at the time of order. The order of shipment is determined by payment date, not order form submittal date. So, you can possibly bump yourself up the line a little bit this way.

Multiple orders are fine (as in orders placed at different times). Please note they will ship as seperate orders as well, which means you may be paying more for shipping.

Balance payments can be made at any time to boost yourself up the line. Just email Josie for your invoice. Please note there may be a wait as we get through casting orders. Just because you ask to pay before you’re billed, doesn’t necessarily mean your horse will ship right away. 

If you move, please inform Josie so she can update your address in our file. We will try to confirm shipping if a good amount of time has passed, but it is your responsibility to keep us appraised of your current information.

Drop shipment to an artist or prepper is fine. Please send their email address along with their shipping address so we can make sure everyone is alerted at time of shipment. Also, it’s important to note that we don’t guaranty your horse will ship in time for your slot with an artist. You’ll want a backup horse ready to send them if your Micro Anise(s) are still in line
for production. 

I am an artist, not a financial advisor. These two jobs are about as opposite as you can get and should never be confused. XD Please do not send emails asking “when you should start saving your money.” Your money is your business. I can tell you, if you’ve ordered a piece, then ideally you set the money aside from the get go and then you don’t have to
worry about it. :)

Questions? Email Josie! info@aspenleafstudiosllc.com




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