MEM No Inhabitions
(cast and shipped by MVS)

OhNo is a Morgan mare in a bit of different pose - roadster! Her forward trot speaks of fluidity and motion - and in typical Morgan fashion she's having fun while doing it. There are a two general different types of Morgans, old-blood or foundation types and the modern type. This mare is a representation of the latter, which has more Saddlebred outcrossing. I discovered the real mare who is her namesake (and where the spelling came from) during a web search and was immediately in love! The mare's owner was generous enough to allow me to use the photo and her mare as reference and the rest is history.

EDITION INFO: MEM No Inhabitions is traditional scale (on the smallish side - see measurements below) and will be limited to a one-mold run. She is hollow-cast with wire reinforcements and has the magnet and metal disc base instead of a bulky resin base.






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