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Lexington, KY
July 14-16, 2022

This year I will be live and host online sales via my web store! Live sales will pertain to anything I have in actual stock (which will be limited) and Sophie, who is my event "special" piece and won't be revealed until later. Any stock I have left over will be made available online Sunday, July 17th, via the store. All live, in stock items will require paid in full of course, but for the online versions you will have the option of putting a deposit only down. Please note that all resins are made to order and can take several months if not longer to work through orders depending on how many of them there are and where you stand in line.

SCALE: Traditional (1:9ish), Classic (1:12), Venti (1:20), Micro (< 2" tall)

  online sales (open ordering through the event)
*These horses will need to be purchased online and not through me at my table. Pieces will go live on the store July 14, 9:00 AM EST
  in-person sales (limited stock).
Live sales are for in stock pieces at my table in AG only and also includes the mystery piece Sophie as well. I should have around 30 pieces of her with me, but any purchases after those are gone will be pre-orders. Any remaining stock will be made available online Sunday, July 17th.
  both online (open ordering) and in person (limited stock)
*general ordering will be online, while the limited stock pieces will be available through me at my table.

The current plan:

Resin Name Scale Price Pre-Order or In Stock PIF or Deposit
Sophie (Mystery Piece) (LE #100) Classic $500 both PIF
Sophie (Mystery Piece)2 Micro $60 stock PIF
Arcturus - Hunter Version3 Trad. $565 pre-order PIF/Dep ($100)
Arcturus - Hunter Version Venti $365 pre-order PIF/Dep ($50)
Arcturus - Hunter Version2 Micro $60 stock PIF
Arcturus - Original Version Venti $365 both PIF/Dep ($50)4
Arcturus - Original Version2 Micro $60 stock PIF
Arcturus - Trace-Clipped Version Venti $365 pre-order PIF/Dep ($50)

1 - Any unsold stock remaining by the end of the event will be offered online Sunday, July 17th.

2 - Micros. Let's talk about the Micros for a minute as I have a fun sales in store for you with these. They will not be your typical point and purchase. Instead, the three new sculptures of the two Ari versions and Sophie will all be sorted together and you will get a random box. Not even I will know what version is actually inside it by the time they're at my sales table. I'm aiming for each version of the micro will have near 100 pieces, but Sophie will probably be closer to 60ish. If I can make more in time I will. I am also considering one more random micro box event with these sculptures later this fall for online folks. The small handful of Jorts I will be bringing will be sold separately from these three since he has already been released.

3 - The Olps of Jolt Studios will be hollow-casting these for me.

4 - The current plan is to have some ventis in stock at the table to sell. These will of course be paid in full purchases. For pre-orders, I encourage a deposit only as it can take a while for your horse to be ready to ship and I do not like to hold funds. That being said, I truly understand that many of you just like knowing your paid up and don't mind a wait for your piece.

Photos to follow!

I will have a couple small painted items available as well adding a little color to my table.


Sculpted by Kylee Parks of Studio Thornrose for her STAG event, is Ikura, a shrunken down, reversed version of her sculpture "Ahi." He's 3D printed in micro form (2" x 1 3/8") and I knew I had to paint him! I used mixed media on the little guy himself and the base was worked to show him lazing by the shore, a minute away from taking a nap in the sunshine.

This little mer-pon will be available at my table as a first-come, first-served sales piece.



Aaleeshaan belongs to Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig's Marwari medallion series. He's satisfyingly large measuring about 9"x6". This piece is supposed to be representative of the stallions they would take into battle, and I've painted him a fiery red chestnut to compliment that boldness. The blue beads and metalic medallions around his neck are jewels that set him off even further.

Another first-come, first-served sales piece at my table.


If neither of these pieces has found an owner by Saturday evening, then I will list them online with the remaining unpainted stock on Sunday.





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