Quick Draw
(produced by Aspen Leaf Studios)


Quick Draw is a traditional scale stock horse stallion that is the third piece of my Performance Horse Series line up. Sculpted to represent a horse breaking into a gallop and driving from that hind end, he'll be able to make headway in many classes! Given his movement, I wanted more of a "roper build" stock horse - something with lots of that muscle and bulk, but with the agility and athleticism those cow horses are known for. He's got that fearless 'tude those working horses have as well. Aint no way he's gonna take smack from any cow. ;)

As a painter, I can't stand bases. I also hate how much room most of them take up. So, instead of a base for this guy, he has an acryllic rod in his front right hoof - creating a nice triangle to stand on.

QD is hollow-cast with wire-reinforcements and is fully customizable should you so desire. I only ask that you take full credit for any modifications done to the piece and make sure people know they were done. Painted pieces will be the exception to this rule - no modifications what so ever will be allowed done to any piece painted by myself.






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