(produced by Aspen Leaf Studios)

Rajah is an exotically handsome rendition of a standing Marwari stallion. These Indian horses are very individual in type and are known for their "paisley-shaped" ears. Because his features were so unique and stood out enough by themself, I thought a more understated standing pose to compliment them would be ideal.

EDITION INFO: Rajah is smallish traditional scale and is roughly the same size as MEM No Inhabitions and Zephyrus. He will be limited to a one-mold run. Unlike all of my other resins, Rajah will be solid-cast instead of hollow-cast. He will still have wire reinforcements and will be cast using a pressure champer so you won't have pinholes to deal with.


Photo Album

Rajah AC #1:
Black Tobiano

Rajah AC #2:
Standard Chestnut

Rajah AC #3:
Liver Chestnut

Rajah AC #4:
Bright Bay




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