(produced by and sold through DaBar)

Sencillo is a traditional scaled standing mustang stallion resin, and was a commission for DaBar - as such he was produced and sold through them. His resin run was a limited edition of 105 pieces, and he is solid cast. Pronounced "sane see' yo".

When I sculpted Sencillo, I wanted a mustang that was doing what they do best, lounging on the range! I wanted something different from the rearing, bucking, and other extreme movement pieces. Sencillo is an older stallion, confident in who he is and his position in life. He's very comfortable standing relaxed, braced a bit against the wind rolling through the plains. This old guy has seen it all and is quite content to live the rest of his mature life in peace.


Sencillo #1:
Bay with battle scars

Sencillo #2:
Graying dappled buckskin overo












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